November 11, 2014

Traditional Golf Apparel and Changing Fashions

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A decade ago, most women golfers are seen to be wearing unfashionable and boring golf apparel. This includes the use of long baggy pants, long sleeved collared shirts, and unflattering shoes. However, the increase in the number of competitive women golfers in recent years have resulted in the modification of golf clothing to not only be fashionable but also feminine. With this in mind, an increasing number of clubs are allowing the use of skorts, skirts and capris by women golfers instead of the conservative pants and Bermuda shorts.
Sports apparel companies have started developing golf apparel that not only looks trendy but also functional as well. This is due to the fact that a higher number of women have started playing the sport due to the use of famous athletic endorsers. The primary culprit for this fashion and design change is due to the use of television coverage, which reveals a more womanly golfer when compared to the traditional golfer.
golf apparelWomen’s golf apparel is seen to be frequently shifting due to the changing demands of women golfers. This is because women prefer to remain fashionable and presentable in and out of the golf course while men prefer to still comply with their traditions. But even with the disparate fashion goals of men and women golfers, both sexes prefer to remain comfortable while competing. This resulted in a number of sports clothing companies that develop efficient materials that not only dissipates sweat but is also aerodynamic as well.
The main reason for the changing clothing material technology is due to the fact that golf is normally played during the warmer season. However, playing golf for a long time will result in sunburns or unequal skin discolorations especially when regularly using short sleeved polo shirts. This is considered to be increasing concern for women golfers since the skin discolorations are not flattering when wearing feminine dresses. This problem is easily mitigated with the regular application of a good quality sunblock before the start of the game.
To further prevent this problem, some golf wear companies developed long sleeved golf apparelfor women who prefer to retain theirpale color. In order to make these long sleeved apparel fun and fashionable, these golf wear companies developed unconventional prints to not only flatter problem areas but also remain functional. Golf clothing are now being deliberately designed to be flattering for all body types, which includes the v-neck and sleeveless designs.
The most common golf outfit for a woman is a solid coloured top with a patterned bottom. However, some women golfers prefer to accentuate their femininity by choosing a more flattering top while retaining a solid colored bottom. The purpose of this is to draw attention to the upper body and minimize the attention on a larger bottom half. Women golfers do not mix and match polka dots and plaid patterns on a single outfit since it can be considered as a fashion faux pas. The general rule of thumb is to use a solid and print combination in order to show a tasteful and fashionable appearance by the woman golfer.
But the choice of golf apparel still rests on the woman golfer since she typically knows what looks best on her body. By knowing the body type and shape, fashion disasters can be avoided while enhancing their appearance. It is suggested that a dark colored top is used by broad shouldered golfers with printed or bright colored bottoms. Women golfers that have a larger bottom shape needs to choose dark colored bottoms to give the illusion of a balanced shoulder and hip size. Sports apparel companies develop different prints and designs to hide problem areas while enhancing the best assets of the woman golfer. It is always best to individually test out the various clothing options in the stores in order to determine whether it will flatter the figure of the women golfer.


October 27, 2014

Cartridges, Atomizers, and Options for the Best e liquid

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Best e LiquidWhen they first came out, electronic cigarettes were not as easily accepted by smokers in different parts of the world. The positive reviews of first-time users have slowly converted traditional tobacco patrons into electronic cigarette users. A rise in vapers and a decline in smokers have been seen in the past couple of years. Smokers use traditional tobacco cigarettes. Vapers on the other hand are armed with electronic cigarettes. No tobacco is used with the electronic devices. Instead of smoke from the burning plant, the e cig contraption uses the best e liquid which is heated and transformed into nicotine-carrying water vapor.


The e juice is placed in a cartridge which is then attached to an electronic cigarette. The liquid usually comes in small amounts because it only takes a few drops of the e juice to offer a vaper over an hour’s worth of electronic smoking pleasure. There are two types of suppliers when it comes to a product like this. There are suppliers that carry both the smoking device and the liquid. There are other suppliers that only focus on the manufacturing and distribution of the e juice.


There are different things to consider when one is interested in finding and trying out the best e liquid. Aside from the e juice itself, a vaper should also think about the cartridge that it comes in and the atomizer that it has to function with. Even if the e juice is satisfactory, the overall experience will not be as memorable or appealing for the vaper if the equipment is not right.


There are pre-filled cartridges that normally come with starter kits for those who are just transitioning to using the electronic cigarettes. This is the first option to consider. The starter kit can be used to try out e juice offerings from other brands to see which one is particularly appealing to the user. Aside from testing flavors out, this will give the vaper an in depth knowledge and experience of using disposable cartridges. Usually, these kits also come with disposable atomizers.


These cartridges are excellent for testing purposes. Some of the problems that come with long term use include limited flavor options, an increase in waste due to the disposable cartridges, and the inability to tell whether or not the cigarette is running low on liquid.


There are times when the best e liquid comes in the bulk and refillable cartridge option. These can be bought in larger amounts and work well with fixed cartridge and atomizer attachments. The reason why these are better options to consider is because apart from being more concentrated, these also tend to be fresher. The disposable cartridges carry a fixed amount of e juice which are manufactured then sealed in foil packs. There are times when the e juice quality and freshness is hard to identify.


When considering the bulk option for e juice, the most important thing is for buyers to take a look at the suppliers. Even the most expensive e juice, when supplied by an unfit company, will not be the best e liquid for a vaper. Another point of consideration is the ingredient content of the juice. Vapers should look for content like acetoin and dyacetil. These are components that should not be included in the mix. What should be found on a bottle of e liquid are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.


Aside from the manufacturer and the ingredients used, consumers should always take into account the manufacturing date, the flavor profile, and the price point when choosing which particular product to purchase. Device compatibility is also another important element to take into account.